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Whether you’ve been planning a bathroom remodel for many years or you’re just now looking into the many options available, you’ve probably heard about bath liners. Designed to fit over your existing tub, bath liners are often touted as an economical alternative to replacing your entire bath. And while they do have their advantages (like a quick installation time and relatively low cost), these benefits are by no means exclusive! In fact, Bath Wizard can replace your bath with a brand-new, custom-fitted tub for a comparable price—offering you all the benefits of bath liners without the drawbacks.

Common Problems with Bathtub Liners

Although tub liners are a popular bath remodeling choice, they come with several significant disadvantages:

  • They may encourage mold growth. If the bathtub liner installation isn’t absolutely perfect, water will seep between the liner and the original tub, giving mold and mildew the perfect spot to thrive.
  • They may look strange. Because tub liners go over your existing tub, any variation in color or texture can create a mismatched look, throwing off your bathroom’s entire style.
  • They may add extra costs. Although bathtub liners themselves are usually quite affordable, installation often requires additional labor and materials (like drain extensions, for example).
  • Not all tubs can be relined. Certain materials and configurations, such as free-standing tubs, are impossible to line.

The Preferred Alternative: High-Quality and Affordable Replacement Tubs!

From Central PA and the D.C. Metro Area to the Greater Richmond and Virginia Tidewater regions, we want every family to have the high-quality bath they deserve—which is why we’re a full-service bathtub replacer, not a bath liner company. Rather than trust a potentially problematic bathtub liner installation, we choose to install the very best bathtubs in the industry.

Crafted from scratch-, chip-, and fade-resistant acrylic, our replacement tubs actively fight mold and mildew and are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Instead of a low-quality tub liner, you’ll get a custom-designed bathtub that’s reasonably priced and ready to install in as little as a single day!

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In terms of time, cost, and long-term performance, you simply can’t beat the replacement tubs from Bath Wizard. With a wide variety of styles available, we’re sure to have the right design for any family in the Mid-Atlantic. Call us today to find out more, or just complete our simple online form now to begin with your free, in-home cost estimate!

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